Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

PCC is an abbreviation of Police clearance certificate , it is a legal letter provided by the country where you lived in the last 6 months. PCC certification is used to enumerate the past activities of the applicant. It is also renowned in other synonym terms like good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate and judicial record extracts, PCC, etc. Getting International needs is the main objective of this certification. A police clearance certificate is an official declaration regarding the applicants criminal record and which provided by the country where the applicant stay as a resident in the last years or months. Police clearance certificate is required in many fields and utilized for many needs.


Purpose of Police Clearance Certificate :

1. To open a business abroad

2. For joining a foreign university

3. It required in abroad job sectors

4. To relocate in other another country

5. For obtaining visa from the destination country

PCC is a legal document which will assist the destination officials to understand the character of the immigrant. Police department or government officialsare the responsible authority of issuing this confirmation. Before granting this confirmation, the concerned authority will collect all the information related to the applicants such as the person may or may not included in any illegal activities such as police cases, court proceedings, arrests, judicial convictions, etc.

If they found that the applicant committed any offense or crime in the country, which will harm not only to individuals but also for the interest or the security of the country will not eligible for getting a PCC. This certificate is an integral part of every International communication and it will help the destination officials to restrict the arrival of immigrants who will become a risk to the country’s peace and security. It is not required for minor persons and immigrants who are going in visiting visa. Nowadays, every country strictly requires this PCC certification from immigrants before granting their entry visa.

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