Educational Certificate Attestation


Educational Certificate Attestation, a branch of attestation in which a reputed official in the embassy will legally confirms your educational document. Academic certificate is a synonymous term of educational certificate, which issued to testify that a student has received a specified education and qualified for higher education. This document will help the authorities to know the qualification, skills and knowledge of the certificate holder. Universities, colleges, schools, educational institutions are the sources of issuing educational documents. But to use your educational document beyond the boundaries of the country issuing the certificate holder should take legal verification from the intended country’s embassy or consulate which present in your home country.


Educational Certificates Includes :


1. Degree Certificate will issued to students after the successful completion of graduation course. Graduation courses may include BA, B.Sc, BBA, etc.

2. Diploma certificates issued to testify that the student completed particular diploma course.

3. PG certificates provided by the universities to student after completion of a valuable post graduation course.

4. Ph.D certificate is given only to after they achieving a doctorate.

To prove the trustworthiness of the document in the field of applying we should take attestation from the concerned embassy or consulate. They will affix a seal or signature to the document to make it genuine. Academic certificate attestation is a garden of opportunity and we can catch our opportunities through this process. Acquiring International needs are the main goal of educational certificate attestation.


Some common purposes of Educational Certificate Attestation :

1. Higher study is the main aim of academic documents attestation.

2. Educational documents need to be attested for job purposes also.

3. It also needed for relocating or migrating into another country.

4. To obtain a residence visa from a foreign country educational attestation is needed.

5. This attestation is also required for open a new business in abroad.

Non member countries of the Hague convention require this attestation process for verification. It is a mandatory process that every immigrant before reaching into another foreign country. The prominence of the document will increased through this process.

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