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HRD is an acronym of Human Resource Development, it is an Indian ministry established for enriching the literary level of the country. By promoting education, the department aims to increase the socioeconomic standard of the nation. Indian government provides this attestation for its citizens for recognizing the educational document. This attestation is required only for educational documents and it is a home country attestation. The main aim of this attestation is to provide home country verification and the Human Resource Development department will affix their official seal or signature to the document. The applicants can acquire this attestation from their own states itself because each and every state have their own centers for HRD attestation.

To obtain HRD Attestation some documents are needed, but it depends upon the respective state of issuing. Some foreign countries ask Human Resource Development attestation for educational documents to verify that the trustworthiness of the document. This Attestation will make your overseas travel easy without any complications. It will help Indian citizens to catch their opportunities make their certificates eligible for use abroad.


Common purposes of HRD Attestation :


1. Some foreign countries require HRD attestation for educational documents before providing job.

2. This attestation is needed for achieving International education from another country.

3. Home country attestation is needed for migration purposes.

Every type of educational documents needed this attestation like ;

1. Degree certificates

2. PG Certificate

3. Diploma

4. HSC certificate

5. SSLC certificate, etc...

Attestation have certain validity and it depends upon the issuing country

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